Dent Repairs in Swinton, Available 7 Days a Week for Your Convenience

Dent Repairs in SwintonDent Experts are on call for dent repairs in Swinton 7 days a week and we come to you.

With our affordable rates, you don’t have any reasons left for not fixing those dings and small dents you’ve been accumulating on your car. You pick them up from roadways, car parks and who knows where. Why put it off when it would improve the appearance of your car. If you are thinking of selling, those dents send a message to buyers. It makes them wonder what else you haven’t maintained; like brakes, fluids or exhaust. Maybe you haven’t really noticed those dents. After all, you just drive it. It’s likely that other people have noticed.

Maybe you’ve been putting off repairs for those dents because you thought it involved expensive body work. In Swinton, dent repairs require no body work or paint. In fact, we even refer to our technique as paintless dent removal. Now, if a lorry broadsided you, that dent will probably require body work. But if the dent is small, and most of them are, and the paint isn’t broken, we can remove the dent in minutes and it’s like it was never there. The many layers of paint on your car is pliable so it bends with the dent but doesn’t crack. It makes a good protective skin and that keeps the rust away from the metal. However, if the paint is down to the metal, that may require a professional car painter.

Dent repairs in Swinton for most of the dents we pick up as we drive day to day do not crack the paint. We can save you some money when turning in a leased or loaner car. The leasing company is going to charge you body garage prices if you return the car with dents. Let us assure you, we are experts at paintless dent repair. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We have successfully taken away dents, dings and creases, single and multiples, from every type of car you can think of. Our mobile service allows us to service a broad area of the Northwest. Contact us today. Don’t drive around in a car that’s dented when it’s so easy to take a picture of the dent or dents and send them to us. We get right back to you with a price and let you know how soon we can arrive.

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