What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a technique whereby a skilled technician can reshape and manipulate small dings and dents on metal/aluminium car panels, using a varied range of hand tools, of different shapes and sizes.

Some technicians, with patience and years of experience, can repair a severe array of dents and as long as the paint around the dent hasn’t been damaged, can make the panel look like new again.

Which Models of Cars do Dent Experts Have the Skill Set to Repair?

We are able to repair literally all makes and models of cars on the road today. From prestige sports cars and luxury models to everyday family cars and even older classic cars.

What about Dents on other Types of Vehicles, such as Vans, Trucks or Even Caravans and Motorcycles?

Some van panels can be repaired, such as bonnets, front wings and doors. However, caravans and motorcycles are built very differently to cars and if you have dents on these types of vehicles we recommend you contact the manufacturer or a specialist in those fields.

Can Anyone Learn to be a PDR Technician?

Like any skill, specialist job or sport, practice is the key.

Some technicians will have spent thousands and thousands of hours of their lives learning their trade. Like an airline pilot, it is all about the time he/she has spent in a cockpit behind the controls. Experience is vital.

Some of the world’s great golfers and tennis players have been practising their games since they were very young, and only hard work and sacrifice has allowed them to get to the top of their sports. Whilst anybody can buy PDR tools, a set of golf clubs or a tennis racquet; it’s only by practising every day, and by having the hard hours behind you, that you can you really make the tools do the work!

Do you Have Any Examples of Your Previous Work?

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                                      Before                                                                                                      After