As a dent repair specialist, I’ve been in the industry for a good 20 years now and have been providing Wythenshawe dent repair since day one. The key to my success and longevity in this profession is my amazing quality of work, professionalism and word of mouth from satisfied customers who often describe my work as ‘restoring the car back to a showroom state’.

My main speciality is PDR. PDR stands for paintless dent repair and is the process of removing a dent without affecting or working on any of the paint on the car. Checking to see if Paintless Dent Repair applies to your dent is easy! It all depends on if the original auto-paint is damaged. If it is not then I can, through a meticulous and careful process, massage the dent out of your car and leave the paint untouched.

If the paint is damaged and cracked however you may want to think about a different service that includes a repaint. The PDR service doesn’t require a repaint so this is generally a cheaper service. I’m available to remove dents from your cars in Cheshire and it’s surrounding areas such as Wythenshawe and Wilmslow.

If you’re not sure if you qualify for one of our PDR’s and you’re looking for Wythenshawe dent repair then simply give us a call on 07753759654 or WhatsApp us a picture of the damage on your car for a free quote.

You may also want to take a look at our Cheadle and Alderly Edge pages for more information on dent repair services near Wythenshawe.