I’ve worked on cars almost my whole life, and with 20 years of experience removing and repairing dents in Cheadle, I’m confident I provide the best service for anyone looking for Cheadle Dent Repair. Cheadle is known for it’s easily manoeuvrable roads and routes but this doesn’t mean people in Cheadle are immune to experiencing a little knock, ding or dent anywhere on their car.

We all experience them on our cars at some point, whether it’s our fault or not. If your car gets dented, even if it is your fault don’t worry! No dent is too difficult for me to fix. My professional experience in this job means that I can easily identify the most effiective way to fix any kind of dent or ding. Taking your car to a garage or mechanic will take longer, and will undoubtedly cost you more money. By comparison, my services are straightforward and efficient, saving you time and money!

My services have been recommended by word of mouth for years and this is because most times customers are more than satisfied with the job I’ve provided restoring their cars back to an almost showroom state.

I’ve been a Cheadle dent repair specialist long enough guarantee you you’re dealing with a 100% professional who will get the job done without cutting any corners. I do dent repairs in Cheadle as well as many other local surrounding areas and as a service, I mainly specialise in PDR.

Cheadle Paintless Dent Repair

PDR stands for Paintless Dent Removal which is the process of slowly massaging a dent out of a car and ‘popping’ it back into place so to speak. This type of repair only works properly if the dent hasn’t damaged any of the original auto-paint work. If the paint on the car is cracked or damaged, then you will require a more thorough service to remove the dent and repaint the damaged area.

This can also be difficult to do as matching the exact colour isn’t easy and a bad paint job could have your car looking worse than when it just had a dent. Also repainting a car costs extra so you also save money with a PDR. If you’re not sure if you qualify for one of our PDR’s and you’re looking for dent repairs in Cheadle then simply give us a call on 07753759654 or WhatsApp us a picture of the damage on your car for a free quote.

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