Chorlton is a suburban area of Greater Manchester and has a rough population of 14,100 people. I’ve probably served that many satisfied customers over my 20+ years of experience repairing dents in Chorlton, Manchester and all local surrounding areas. To get the experts on Chorlton dent repair, look no further than Dent Experts.

If you’re in Chorlton and need a paintless dent removed then give me a call, drop me a text or fill out the form on my website for both a free quote and for me to get that pesky dent out of your car. Most people may not be familiar with what PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) is and could, therefore, be paying twice as much for a job that wouldn’t have required you to pay that much.

Don’t be one of the people who overpay simply because of a lack of knowledge. A paintless dent repair is simply where you have a dent, that hasn’t made an impact enough to affect the original auto-paint job your carr has. So if all the paint on your car over and around the dent isn’t broken, cracked and is still intact, then you may want to think about a PDR service.

If none of the original auto-paint is damaged it doesn’t need to be repainted and the difficult task of colour matching is also removed. This means the job takes less extra work so your costs are a lot lower with PDR and the process, although meticulous is perfect to restore your car to a showroom state.

If you’re in the Manchester or Cheshire area and feel like a dent in your car is eligible for my services then simply give me a call on 07753759654 or WhatsApp me a picture of the damage for a free quote.