Here at Dent Experts we have over 20 years experience with Poynton dent repair. Dent repair is our passion, so you can be sure to receive a high-quality service for your car. The key to my success in this industry is providing an excellent service and building a strong reputation. Much of my work is displayed on my webpage with reviews from previous customers so you can have that piece of mind. Several of my previous clients have referred to my work as restoring their car back to showroom state.

Poynton, on the easternmost of the Cheshire plain and 11 miles southeast to Manchester, this polite town is home to fascinating attractions such as the award-winning Anson Engine Museum, Jacksons Brickworks, Poynton Marina and many more. Poynton holds a friendly and vibrant atmosphere with a wide range of shops, eateries, bars, live music and galleries. With so much going on, this is one of the towns you should consider on your next day out and for those who already live there, get to enjoy the history and heritage that it offers. However, Poynton has recently been fitted with a relief road which does hold many benefits.

Paintless Poynton Dent Repair

So, if you have a pesky dent that hasn’t damaged the original paintwork, I can provide a quick and reliable solution. The way I do this is by performing PDR on your car. This paintless dent removal requires no extra paint job or work to your car, making this service easy and cost-efficient for you. We simply locate the dent and massage it out. This results in the dent ‘popping’ out and being restored to its original surface state.

This type of job works wonders on cars where the damage hasn’t affected any of the original auto-paint as no extra painting or work on the car is needed, however, if the car has had damage to the paintwork you may require a slightly bigger service that we can still guarantee a high standard of outcome with.

If you require this service then contact me by telephone: 07753759654 or leave a message at the bottom of my webpage. Simply upload or whatsapp a picture of the damage and I will contact you shortly after with a price. If you require any additional services or have any questions please feel free contact me anytime during the week discuss this.